wall street blogRobert Frank, Journalist beim Wall Street Journal, das seit Kurzem einen prominenten neuen Besitzer hat, publizierte vor kurzem ein Buch und kommentierte in seinem BlogRobert Frank, journalist for the Wall Street Journal and its prominent new owner, has a new book out and comments in his blog: The wealthy weren’t just getting wealthier — they were forming their own virtual country. They were wealthier than most nations, with the top 1% controlling $17 trillion in wealth. And they were increasingly building a self-contained world, with its own health-care system (concierge doctors), travel system (private jets, destination clubs) and language. (”Who’s your household manager?”) They had created their own breakaway republic — one I called Richistan.
Reichland greift dieses Spiel auf und macht Franks Blog mit bekannt – aber nicht nur.

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