Water, Israel, logic of action („Handlungslogik“)

mekorot.jpegMEKOROT WATER COMPANY LTD. [1,2] provides 90% of Israel’s drinking water and 70% of the total water needs of the country. It has a total of 3,000 installations throughout Israel, providing pure water, desalinized water, sewerage reclamation, rain enhancement, infrastructure, and more. Mekorot is part of the knowledge base that makes Israel a leader in the export of water technology around the world. Though Mekorot is owned by the government, it and Israel Electric Corporation are at the top of the list of companies still to be privatized.
These days a battle going on between this state owned company and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority shows that it is not so much who actually is the owner but what is the logic of action (Handlungslogik) that an enterprise is run on: The Na’aman stream in northern Israel is drying up due to excessive drilling for water by Mekorot, which then sells some of the water back to the INPA to prevent the stream’s tributaries from drying up. Read the whole story in Haaretz.

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