Eigentum ist Popart.Property is Popart.

heil-eigentum.jpg„Das Privateigentum muss Heil bleiben“ by Kurt Jotter.

Title summary: „Private property must remain sacred.“
Policemen involved in patrol, arrest, and coffee break activities, superimposed on bird“s-eye view of a city.

„…Vertrieb Kurt Jotter … Berlin … MovimentoDruck.“
Gift; Gary Yanker; 1975-1983.
This catalog record contains preliminary or unverified data from a project done in BRS software, ca. 1985.

Right of property.
Germany (West)

Posters German.

PART OF:Yanker poster collection (Library of Congress)
REPOSITORY:Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA
DIGITAL ID:(digital file from intermediary roll film copy) yan 1a36635
CARD #:yan1996002733/PP

Pop Art Machine Code: yan-1a36000-1a36600-1a36635

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