Iran: 92 State Energy Firms To Be Privatized

Might Iran be liberating it’s privatization policy to appease the belligerent ‚international community‘? Iran plans to privatize as many as 92 energy firms including oil companies PetroPars and PetroIran, Iran’s English-language satellite channel Press TV reported Monday, citing a senior government official.
The public will also be able to purchase shares of Iran’s North Digging Co. through the Tehran Stock Exchange by August 21, Ali Kardar, head of Iran’s Article 44 Headquarters, said, according to Press TV. „Iran’s Privatization Co. and the National Iranian Oil Co. are trying to transfer smaller companies to the private sector,“ Press TV cited Kardar as saying. The senior government official added that in compliance with Article 44 of the Iranian Constitution, a total of 92 companies in the energy sector should be transferred to the private sector, Press TV reported. „Out of the total of 92 companies, 40 can be entirely transferred to the private sector, while up to 80% of the remaining companies can be offered to the public through the bourse,“ Kardar said, according to Press TV. Article 44 of the Iranian Constitution was revised in 2006 to allow the privatization of the country’s state industries and encourage participation by the private sector in Iran’s economy.

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