Power Structure Research

Power structure research is an approach to the study of power that highlights the unequal distribution of resources upon which power is based (e.g., wealth, political office, control of the mass media) and the importance of formal and informal social networks as the means by which power is concentrated and institutionalized. Read more

Once again pretending to save the world…

…by supposing to turn something into private property: Read the summary of the article “Resolving the Tragedy of the Commons by Creating Private Property Rights in Wildlife” to have another example for the the bullheadedness of the bourgeois mind:

During humanity’s relatively brief existence on this planet, it has relied on the bounty of its flora and fauna for his existence. For most of history, this exploitation had little impact on the earth’s resources. Only in recent centuries has man’s exploitation of wildlife begun to have a deleterious effect, even though there is increasing evidence that primitive societies had a profound impact on many species. Overexploitation of wildlife is not a peculiar characteristic of Western civilization, nor is it a consequence of commerce.

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