Workshop: „The Public – Alternatives to Privatisation“

The Workshop took place at the 1. European attac summer school, Saarbrücken, 3rd of August 2008, in cooperation between ppg-network, attac and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation: About 40 people were discussing about politics of privatisation that did not come to an end yet. But their legitimation has become more and more difficult. Increasingly we experience deprivatisation and re-municipalisation of water or electricity supply and distribution etc.. Therefore it is crucial not only to delegitimise privatisation but to develop alternatives. What to do after a successful deprivatisation? What understanding of public property do we like to implement?

Mario Candeias (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, ppg), Crisis of Privatization
Daniela Gorbounova (BGRF/Wide-Network), Water Privatisation in Sofia
David Hachfeld (attac Germany), Remunicipalisation of Water – Some Reflections on the Cases of Potsdam and Grenoble
Pierre Khalfa (attac France), Appropriation and Radical Democratization of the Public (no text available yet)

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