whopools.netWhopools.net is a open source online tool to share resources, knowledge, experiences, infrastructure and things with others. For instance: Wood to build shelves (or sth. else), a saw, or a sewing machine, drill press, videos, music, books, a car, computers with the possibility of printing, etc. in your local neighbourhood.

At Whopools.net, you can also share skills, talents or special knowledge.
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Gift Economy: The Really Really Free Market

Really really free marketAccording to the capitalist lexicon, the “Free Market” is the economic system in which prices are determined by unrestricted competition between privately owned businesses. Any sensible person can recognize immediately that neither human beings nor resources are free in such a system; hence, a “Really Really Free Market” is a market that operates according to gift economics, in which nothing is for sale and the only rule is share and share alike. In the interest of not taxing the reader’s patience, a single apostrophe stands in for the two “Really”s throughout this text. Read more

Feral vs. capitalist trade

Feral Trade is a public experiment trading goods over social networks. The use of the word ‘feral’ describes a process which is wilfully wild (as in pigeon) as opposed to romantically or nature-wild (wolf). The passage of goods can open up wormholes between diverse social settings, routes along which other information, techniques or individuals can potentially travel. Read more

Open Cola and Cube Cola

Cube Cola PosterThe principle of Open Source now set Cola free from monopolist capital. It was reconstructed via reverse ingeneering, published as Open Cola under the GPL and since then optimized by global community under the conditions of free cooperation. One of the approaches is Cube Cola: Besides working on the recipe a group of artists from the “Cube” in Bristol produces “information material” like a poster and a tea towel with the recipe, as well as a hand book and a set of tools necessary for the production of free cola. Finally it is distributed besides other goods via Feral Trade Courier. That is a live shipping database for a freight network running outside commercial systems. The database offers dedicated tracking of feral trade products in circulation, archives every shipment and generates freight documents on the fly.