Privatization from a left perspective

From a left perspective,, established by network ppg (privatization, public goods) and RLS, examines impacts of privatization on the (re-)distribution of social ressources, on the (re-)distribution of political “goods” (effects of domination, democracy, participation, and access) and on the dimension of political/social conflicts. The network analyzes the interrelations between property, domination and equality.
The network explores the following questions:

  • Impacts on social-economic security – in which ways are employment security, working conditions, and institutions of social security, etc. developing? [social inequality aspect]
  • Impacts of privatization on providing services and goods – i.e. access to and distribution of goods and services, “human security”, equality of access and possibilities, quality of services and goods (fees, regional distribution, impacts on gender, ecology, and health) [development of the use-value dimension]
  • Economic impacts on the state: Which income can the state generate through sales or taxes? Which loss of income and which additional costs are occuring? What about the state’s loss of political capacity? [political and economical inequality aspect]
  • Which effects does privatization have on politics – transparency, access, participation, influence, and public control? [political inequality aspect]

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