Stefan Merten about “Com’on!”

Stefan Merten reported to oekonux mailinglist from “Com’on!”:

“Last Saturday I attended the workshop “COM’ ON! – Die alte Eigentumswelt dreht sich”.

The workshop has been organized by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung which
is the foundation of the party “Die Linke” in Germany. “Die Linke” is
the socialist party in Germany. As far as I understood the Keimform
people co-organized this event.

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International Workshop on “Free Public and Accessible Transports” in Berlin

Free public transport, accessible to everyone, can and will help to overcome social exclusion and resolve social, ecological and global problems in a democratic and sustainable manner. Public transport must be funded fairly based on a spirit of solidarity and that it therefore must be fought for. To achieve this, violence-free radicalism in defending, democratizing and appropriating public goods is indispensable.