What is the Common? An International Conference

Gothenburg, Sweden: “The Kurrents‘” program for 2009 is organized under the title “What Is the Common?”. It is again a co-organized event together with invited artists, researchers and internationally leading intellectuals. The intention is to investigate different axes related to the common as both a real force and an idea. As such the common permeates such diversified domains as artistic practice, law, economy and gender relations.
From the Call for Papers:

In the shadow of the global crisis of capitalism, the common, somehow obliterated in the recent past, has emerged as an indispensable and central notion. The conference addresses this notion both as a real movement and as an already present horizon, a dynamic principle, for societal life. It is a critical topic today, not only because the public, administrated by the state, is reduced to expendable assets for regulating a supposedly self-regulating machine called Market, but more importantly because the emerging forms of the common impose themselves with an unprecedented acuity and in opposition to the doxa of the private property.

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