Vancouver, Speak UP 2006: Privatization and the public good

This fall, Vancouver Public Library’s Speak Up series explores privatization. How public services are defined and delivered is an ongoing controversy with important policy implications concerns. The outcome of these discussions will affect the living standards of everyone in British Columbia. …

About the Speak Up Series
Vancouver Public Library is committed to encouraging public discussion on important issues. Libraries, often considered the „people’s university“ or the „living room of the community,“ are a natural place for such discussion. With over 6.5 million visits per year, VPL draws a variety of people who want to borrow material, research a topic, access the Internet, ask a question, and/or attend one of the hundreds of programs at the Central Library and branches throughout the City. With so many people from a variety of diverse communities using the library, it is an obvious place for people to come together to talk about community and current issues.

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